Titanium Alloys & Coatings

AMG produces a number of custom master alloys and coatings used in the aerospace, energy and special metals industries. These materials are engineered products designed to meet the needs of today’s high stress operating environments. With more than 90 years of know-how our R&D department is continuously developing new tailor-made materials according to our customers' requirements.

AMG’s high-purity master alloys improve the physical properties of titanium alloys used in jet engines, airframes, and other critical-quality applications. The landing gears, airframes, and turbine blades of jet engines rely on strong, light-weight titanium alloys strengthened with these high-purity master alloys. The alloys undergo extensive testing and qualification process including 100% visible-light, black-light, and x-ray inspection to ensure that they meet the exacting quality requirements of the titanium, aerospace and energy industries.

AMG’s master alloys, such as vanadium aluminum and titanium aluminide, are used in the titanium and super alloy industry as alloying elements to improve the mechanical properties of the final alloys such as anti-corrosion and heat resistance. AMG’s alloys for the steel and aluminum industry include metal hydrides, which are used for the storage of hydrogen in energy applications.

AMG’s coatings products such as turbine coatings play a crucial role in jet aircraft and other aerospace applications. AMG’s coatings are used in the following applications:
  • Heat insulation glass
  • Architectural glass
  • Auto glass
  • Photovoltaics
  • Extend life of tools / environmental impact
  • Optical applications

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