Tantalum & Niobium

AMG operates a multi-mineral mine, the MIBRA mine, located in Brazil. From this resource rich ore body, AMG extracts tantalite, niobium, feldspar, tin, lithium concentrate, albite and kaolin. AMG further processes these materials at its Brazilian chemical plant to produce upgraded chemical products.

Tantalum is a specialty metal that improves conductivity and is highly resistant to heat and corrosion. AMG has a capacity to produce 300,000 pounds of high purity tantalum oxides (Ta2O5) in concentrates annually. Tantalum oxides are used as a material in capacitors used in electronics such as computers, smart phones and video games.

AMG also produces Niobium Oxides from the same ore body as tantalum. Niobium is used mostly in alloys, such as in specialty steel and titanium.

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