The United Nations estimates that energy demand will grow significantly as the global population of 6.6 billion increases to 9 billion by 2050. To avoid damaging changes to our ecosystem, the UN states that greenhouse gas emissions must, by 2050, be cut by 70%. The International Energy Agency estimates that today’s installed nuclear power of 370 GW represents 6.3% of world primary energy consumption. If total primary energy consumption doubles by 2050, 85% of energy must be supplied by clean technologies in order to attain a 70% reduction in CO2 from 2000 levels. Even with renewable energy growing exponentially to over 2,400 GW by 2050, nuclear energy would need to grow to the 6,000 GW to meet the total Clean Energy need of 9,990 GW in 2050 1.

Our Innovation

AMG’s nuclear engineering unit provides custom engineering services for the building of a mixed oxide (MOX) production facility to be used to convert weapons grade plutonium into fuel for light-water reactors. We developed this technology from years of research and development. AMG continues to invest in annealing furnace technology used in the production of fuel elements and heat exchangers for a global market. AMG also filed several patents for an “industrial” treatment solution for certain types of nuclear waste. This solution is based on embedding nuclear waste in multiple layers of coatings using natural graphite based materials, among others.

1 World Nuclear Association – Nuclear Century Outlook