AMG is a global critical materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends. AMG produces highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products and provides related vacuum furnace systems and services to the transportation, energy, infrastructure, and specialty metals and chemicals end markets.

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on May 4, 2017 at the World Trade Center, Strawinskylaan, Amsterdam.

Attendance & Proxy

For the Annual General Meeting, AMG will use its electronic voting platform. This will allow you, the shareholder, to register to attend the meeting, issue voting instructions prior to the meeting, or grant a proxy to a third party to attend and vote at the meeting on your behalf.

In order to confirm your attendance at the meeting, please register online.

If you cannot attend, but wish to be involved in decision-making, you can use electronic proxy voting to cast your vote online. If you don't wish to use this online service, you can also download a written proxy form. Please note that the closing date for proxy voting is Friday, April 28, 2017, 17:00 CEST.

For more information on this event, please visit the Shareholder Meetings page.

Capital Markets Day 2017

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”) is hosting a facility tour and presentation at AMG's Titanium Alloys & Coatings' facility in Nürnberg, Germany on June 8, 2017AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings produces a number of custom master alloys and coating materials used in the aerospace, energy, automotive and specialty metals industries. This event will provide an opportunity to view the production of these materials, discuss the market dynamics and meet with the AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings leadership team.


Please confirm your attendance with Ms. Grace Stubel at +1 610 293 5814 or by email at

For more information on this event, please visit the Capital Markets Day page, or click here for a printable version of this information.


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